In a previous post we highlighted some of the ways that companies around the world are utilising drones within the security industry, and why the technology is fast becoming a serious consideration for security companies here in the UK.

In this article we’re going to expand on that post and drill into the details behind an innovative new drone system that RAWview are now actively selling to UK security companies for drone surveillance.

How does a drone surveillance system work?

An effective and scalable drone surveillance operation requires seamless integration between reliable drone equipment and intelligent drone automation software. It is critical that the entire operation can be managed and monitored remotely; in real-time. The graphic below demonstrates the ideal drone surveillance operation, where on-site security officers and off-site control room staff are working in perfect harmony to patrol a site.

What drone software do I need?

With the advent of an innovative software solution called FlytNow, it is now possible to remotely plan and automate a drone flight, whilst live-streaming and recording the drone’s footage for the duration of the operation. Both the real-time and recorded footage is accessible at any location; on any device; anywhere in the world.

How does FlytNow work?

The FlyNow solution consists of three main components:

  1. An intuitive browser-based dashboard – The FlytNow dashboard is used to create automated drone flight plans, to take remote control of any of your drones and its camera, and to view the real-time and recorded visual and/or infrared footage and flight telemetry from any of your drones
  2. A cloud-based interface called FlytCloud – FlytCloud acts as the virtual interface between the FlytNow dashboard and your drone fleet. Its job is to transmit information in 2 directions: instructions from dashboard to drones and data from drones to dashboard. FlytCloud is the component that enables the operation to work completely remotely
  3. A mobile application called FlytOS – FlytOS is FlytNow’s drone operating system and is used to connect the FlytNow dashboard to each of the drones, via the FlytCloud interface. FlytOS is installed to the pilots’ mobile devices, DJI CrystalSky displays, or DJI Smart Controllers

How can FlytNow be used in a real world scenario?

At its heart, the FlytNow solution has been developed to build upon the existing benefits of on-site drone surveillance by providing off-site management of the drone operation and remote real-time access to the aerial footage.

Where remote surveillance has previously been limited to footage from IP CCTV cameras, which cannot achieve the “bird’s eye view” of a site and can also leave multiple “blind spots”, with FlytNow, security companies’ central control room staff are now able to securely log in to the intuitive dashboard and monitor exactly what their drone’s camera is seeing throughout a surveillance operation. This gives the control room the improved visuals they need to quickly and effectively detect security threats and relay clear instructions to on-site security officers to neutralise those threats.

What drone hardware do I need?

The answer to this question is actually one of the unique selling points of the FlytNow solution.

Unlike other providers of similar technology, whose software only works with their own bespoke drone hardware, the FlytNow solution is designed to be pretty much hardware-agnostic – this means that security companies can deploy a highly automated drone surveillance operation, which is both highly scalable and cost-effective.

We recommend the following drones as ideal partners to your FlytNow subscription:

What training do my team need to operate?

You can find our comprehensive Drone Training FAQ page by clicking here.

Aside from the mandatory training, our team also provide a full on-boarding service for all new FlytNow subscriptions, which comprises system setup and end user training.

How can RAWview help?

As drone system integrators, we specialise in managing the deployment of companies’ own drone operations, such as those described in this post. We supply you with the necessary drone hardware and FlytNow software licences, with full system setup throughout. If required, we also supply the mandatory drone pilot training for your staff – all of which will be delivered at your own premises.

Interested in deploying a fully supported drone surveillance operation? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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