Born from a passion to connect industry with drone technology

Drone technology was once seen as an unrealistic proposition to organisations – the vehicle itself was expensive, the payload technology was useful for just a handful of applications, and there was limited ability to convert the imagery into actionable data.

Fortunately, these days are now gone. RAWview has centred its business around providing organisations with highly advanced and affordable drone technologies that provide immediate efficiencies and unprecedented levels of safety to your operations.

A combination of industry expertise and leading technology makes RAWview the right partner for the integration of your organisation’s drone programme.

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Connecting the components so you don't have to

At RAWview we understand that your expertise lies in the service you provide. That’s why our products, services and people have been developed to make your transition into drone adoption a more straightforward one; leaving you to focus on driving your organisation forward.

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agriculture industry drones

Is the agriculture industry ready for drones? You better believe it is!

It is a common misconception that the agriculture industry does not have a use for highly advanced technology and automation. Of course, those within the industry know that this couldn’t be further from the truth! GPS… Read More

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Drones will change construction site management – it’s already happening!

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commercial drones

Lift off for commercial drones

You may have noticed over the past year or two that the prospect of mainstream drone application is starting to become more widely reported in the UK. In the most part, this is due to… Read More

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