Transport loaded floor rollers around your site with ease.

Automated material handling with CARY

This clever transport service robot from our partners at MetraLabs will revolutionise you way you move loaded floor pallets around your site. Enabling automated and safe material workflow without the need for changes to your premises – meaning quick, simple transportation of goods is easier than you might think.

Why choose our CARY solution?

Optimise your current processes

Avoid wasted time moving materials

Efficient use of space with an easier transport solution

Allow workers to focus on creative & collaborative roles

Safeguard your staff by letting robots do the heavy lifting

Increase workflow flexibility

Automatic loading and unloading of materials

Make manual handling a thing of the past. With CARY you set new standards for your material handling processes. Transport loaded floor rollers flexibly, safely and completely autonomously through your facility.

The compact and intuitive design enables fast operation even in tight environments. Together with flexible navigation and the integration into your (intra-)logistic systems, efficient internal processes can be generated. This autonomous robot is highly flexible and safe to collaborate with humans. Whether consumption-controlled or cyclical, CARY is the ideal solution.

Implement intralogistics 4.0 easily

Our service team provides support for a fast implementation of your projects. We take over the first configurations on the robot and instruct your team for ongoing independent use of the system.

Ready to automate your material handling with CARY?

Ready to automate your material handling with CARY?

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