Warehouse drones for inventory management

inventAIRy XL – the self-flying warehouse drone solution for automated inventory control

Warehouse drones for inventory management in operation

Eliminate Inventory Headaches with Warehouse Drone Solutions

Revolutionise your inventory audits and cycle counts with our cutting-edge warehouse drones for inventory management. Say goodbye to traditional, time-consuming methods that often yield inaccuracies, incur high equipment costs, and pose health and safety risks.

Our innovative drone and robot technology streamlines the auditing process, acting as the equivalent of an entire inventory count team in one efficient package. What used to take weeks can now be accomplished in just a few days, with a remarkable data accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

Experience the future of warehouse management with our drone-powered solution, delivering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and safety to your operations.

Benefits of inventAIRy XL Drones in Warehouse Management?

Data accuracy0%
Run time0Hours
Scan rate0Pallets/day
Payback in0Months


With a work rate in excess of 400 locations per hour; that’s more than 2000 locations per charge, inventAIRy XL will conduct a fully automated stock take faster than even the slickest of manual operations.


Completely eliminate Health & Safety risks – such as working at height and in close proximity to machinery – by automating dangerous tasks and taking humans out of the loop.


Not only does inventAIRy XL remove the labour cost associated with traditional inventory counts, it also reduces the usage and subsequently the hire (or depreciation) cost of scissor-lifts..


inventAIRy XL is implemented easily and with very few steps. The system is designed to be deployed with no disruption to existing processes.

Are you ready to supercharge your inventory accuracy with fully automated WMS reconciliation of up to7500 locations per day?

How drones are used for logistics inventory management?

empty bin audits
put-away audits
space utilisation
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deviation reports

Empty bin audits

One of the biggest contributors to warehouse efficiency is Putaway Cycle Time. With inaccurate WMS data, your forklift operatives waste valuable time going to pallet locations that are already occupied.

By design, inventAIRy XL’s automated stock take includes automatic detection and notifification of all pallet spaces that are available to receive inbound stock.

Put-away audits

When the velocity of inventory in and out of the warehouse is high, it’s natural that human error can creep in – this is especially true of the putaway process.

Through advanced computer vision and machine learning technology, our warehouse drone solution is able to capture, decode, and localise palletised inventory data with >95% accuracy – even with sub-optimal barcode quality.

Space utilisation

Efficient use of space allows for the storage of more goods within the same square footage. It minimises unnecessary walking or transportation within the warehouse, reducing the time and effort required to locate and access products.

With the more regular audits facilitated by inventAIRy XL, site management teams are able to keep tabs on the utilisatiuon of their space, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability of the warehouse operation. 

Deviation Reports

Thanks to a carefully thought out API, our warehouse drone solution is able to communicate with virtually any WMS or ERP system. This integration facilitates automated stock file uploads from your system to ours, which inventAIRy XL then uses to look for deviations.

Put another way, inventAIRy XL knows precisely which rack location each pallet should be in and can alert your team whenever any anomaly is detected.

What you can expect from your inventAIRy XL deployment

Simple implementation

Our team have the system setup and ready to go within just a few days – no need for warehouse changes and no downtime for you or your team.

Fully automated stock take data

Stocktake tasks can be scheduled during the day or through the night, all at the click of a button  – no need for an operator or supervisor.

Safer, more accurate, more efficient inventory counts

Removes human error while eliminating dangerous tasks and freeing up your staff for more productive jobs.

Works seamlessly with ANY WMS

Whatever WMS your warehouse uses, inventAIRy XL is designed to interface with minimal integration effort from your side.

Simple implementation

Our team have the system setup and ready to go within just a few days – no need for warehouse changes and no downtime for you or your team.

Fully automated stock take data

Stocktake tasks can be scheduled during the day or through the night, all at the click of a button  – no need for an operator or supervisor.

Safer, more accurate, more efficient inventory counts

Removes human error while eliminating dangerous tasks and freeing up your staff for more productive jobs.

Works seamlessly with ANY WMS

Whatever WMS your warehouse uses, inventAIRy XL is designed to interface with minimal integration effort from your side.

Hear what our customers have to say

“Really impressed with this drone-based stock control system. Since working with RAWview, we have a fully automated audit of every one of our 16,000 pallet locations every 5 days.

“It used to take one person on a scissor lift 3-4 weeks to complete this task.”

Roland Llewellin

Managing Director, Genpower

“The future of warehousing! What an amazing, well-engineered piece of technology that not only saves time and improves our team’s productivity, but also have a positive impact in regards to health and safety.”

Jonathan Borg

Stock Control & Systems Manager, PD Ports

“Technology is critical to support our rapid human-centred growth throughout Europe.

“I am happy to share our latest advance in inventory management, that works to create and preserve meaningful and progressive jobs.”

Nick Robson

Head of Robotics & Automation, Huboo

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FAQs About Warehouse Drones for Inventory Management

What is an autonomous inventory drone solution?

An autonomous inventory drone solution utilises advanced drone technology and robotics to automate and streamline inventory management processes in warehouses and storage facilities.

How does an autonomous inventory drone solution work?

The drones and robots are equipped with sensors and cameras to navigate autonomously through warehouse spaces, capture inventory data, and transmit it in real-time to the Warehouse Management System or ERP.

What are the benefits of using warehouse drones for inventory management?

Warehouse drones for inventory management have the potential to completely revolutionise the way that inventory control is conducted in warehouses and distribution centres. The autonomous workflow of warehouse drones ensures that optimum inventory accuracy can be achieved, without any reliance on human intervention. Not only does this protect inventory control processes against precarious labour markets, it also gets the job done more efficiently, more accurately, and without the need for warehouse operatives to work at height.

If you’re interested to read how inventAIRy XL is helping other customers, you can read a recent case study here.

What companies use drones in warehouses?

Drones are revolutionising warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Among the pioneering companies leveraging drone technology in their warehouse operations are well-known industry leaders such as XPO Logistics, Princes Foods, PD Ports, Knowles Logistics, Kite Packaging, and Charles Kendall Freight. These companies are working with RAWview to be at the forefront of adopting this innovative technology to streamline inventory management, reduce operational costs, and improve overall logistics processes.

XPO Logistics utilises drone technology to automate inventory checks, thus reducing the time and labour traditionally required for manual checks. This not only speeds up the process but also significantly reduces human error.

Princes Foods has integrated drones into their workflow to ensure more precise inventory tracking and to enhance the safety of their storage facilities by minimising the need for staff to physically access hard-to-reach areas.

PD Ports uses drones specifically for continuous cycle counting, enabling them to maintain accurate and real-time inventory data. This frequent scanning helps in promptly identifying discrepancies and adjusting inventory levels without disrupting daily operations, thereby ensuring operational efficiency and reducing the risk of inventory overstock or shortages.

Knowles Logistics employs drones to optimise space within their warehouses. The aerial view provided by drones assists in better layout planning and utilisation of vertical storage spaces.

Kite Packaging and Charles Kendall Freight use drone technology to quickly perform stock checks and manage large inventories more effectively, thereby enabling faster response times to customer demands and maintaining high levels of accuracy in order fulfilment.

By integrating drones into their operations, these companies are setting new standards in warehouse management and logistics, highlighting the critical role of innovative technologies in transforming traditional business models and enhancing operational efficiencies.

How accurate are the inventory counts provided by autonomous drones?

Inventory counts provided by autonomous drones are highly accurate, with data accuracy rates exceeding 99%, helping to minimise discrepancies and errors in the Warehouse Management System.

What output can I expect to see from inventAIRy XL?

As long as the barcode labels are of a reasonable quality (ie. not faded or torn), a single inventAIRy XL system can scan in excess of 6000 rack locations in a single 24 hour period.

If you’re interested to see how quickly a single inventAIRy XL system can cycle through your entire facility, you can access our handy workrate calculator by clicking the button ‘CALCULATE TIME SAVINGS’ further up the page.

Are autonomous inventory drones safe to operate in warehouse environments?

Yes, autonomous inventory drones are equipped with collision avoidance technology and follow strict safety protocols to ensure safe operation in warehouse settings. Our system is also able to operate at night (in complete darkness), so inventory operations can also be scheduled outside of normal working hours.

Can autonomous inventory drones work alongside existing inventory management systems?

Yes, these solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing inventory management software, ensuring full compatibility and smooth operation.

What battery technology does the inventAIRy XL solution use?

Unlike traditional drone technology – which is typically powered by Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries, inventAIRy uses a single lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.

LiFePO4 batteries offer a significantly longer cycle life compared to the LiPo alternative, capable of enduring a far greater number of charge-discharge cycles without experiencing a substantial reduction in usable capacity – or, worse still, degradation in the batteries’ safe operation. If you are interested in learning more about this, you can head to a LinkedIn article that we wrote on this topic here.

How does the implementation of autonomous inventory drones impact workflow efficiency?

By automating inventory audits and data collection tasks, autonomous inventory drones free up human resources, allowing staff to focus on more productive tasks and improving overall workflow efficiency.

You can read more about how inventAIRy XL works to benefit warehouse efficiency, along with other KPIs at this link.

Will warehouse drones save us money?

Almost certainly. In most cases, our customers realise a project breakeven point within 12 months from go-live.

If you’d like to see how the economics look for your specific warehouse operation, you can access our handy ROI Calculator by clicking the ‘CALCULATE YOUR ROI’ button further up the page.

Will I need to make changes to our warehouse to accommodate autonomous inventory drones?

Absolutely not! This is one of the elements that makes the inventAIRy XL solution unique.

In contrast to other solutions, inventAIRy XL does NOT require any adaptation to existing warehouse infrastructure. All navigation is carried out by the system’s ground robot, which is pre-programmed with a digital twin of the warehouse (floor area, aisle positions, rack dimensions, bin locations etc). As a result, deployment of the inventAIRy XL solution can be achieved without any modifications to the warehouse’s physical layout whatsoever.

What types of warehouses or facilities can benefit from autonomous inventory drones?

Autonomous inventory drones can benefit a wide range of warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and other storage facilities with large inventories.

Can autonomous inventory drones operate in varying lighting conditions or environments?

Yes, autonomous inventory drones are equipped to operate in various lighting conditions and environments, including low-light settings and indoor spaces with obstacles. inventAIRy XL learns about environmental nuances and adapts dynamically.

How long does it take to implement warehouse drones for inventory management?

Adding autonomous inventory drones to your warehouse operation takes approximately two weeks (depending on warehouse size and complexity), all with minimal disruption to your daily operations. That means you could be enjoying huge savings, more accurate inventory counts and safer warehouses within just a month of getting in touch with us!

What maintenance or support is required for autonomous inventory drone systems?

Routine maintenance, software updates, and occasional calibration may be required to ensure optimal performance. All such technical support of inventAIRy XL is provided by RAWview for the duration of the project.