inventAIRy XL

Self-flying drone that increases stock taking efficiency and accuracy in racked warehouses.

Say goodbye to all your inventory headaches

Traditional, human-led inventory audits take weeks to perform, are often inaccurate, require expensive equipment hire and have health & safety risks.

Our innovative drone and robot solution is like combining your whole inventory count team into one super-charged employee, capable of turning weeks’ worth of work into just a few days – all with data accuracy of more than 99%.

What you can expect from your inventAIRy XL deployment

Simple implementation

Our team have the system setup and ready to go within just a few days – no need for warehouse changes and no downtime for you or your team.

Fully automated data collection

Stocktake tasks can be scheduled during the day or through the night, all at the click of a button  – no need for an operator or supervisor.

Safer, more accurate, more efficient inventory counts

Removes human error while eliminating dangerous tasks and freeing up your staff for more productive jobs.

Works seamlessly with ANY WMS

Whatever WMS your warehouse uses, inventAIRy XL is designed to interface with minimal integration effort from your side.

Why automate your stock audits?


Data accuracy

Run time

Slots per day

Months' payback


With a work rate in excess of 400 locations per hour; that’s more than 2000 locations per charge, inventAIRy XL will conduct wall-to-wall audits considerably faster than even the slickest of manual operations.


Completely eliminate Health & Safety risks – such as working at height and in close proximity to machinery – by automating dangerous tasks and taking humans out of the loop.


Not only does inventAIRy XL remove the labour cost associated with traditional inventory counts, it also reduces the usage and subsequently the hire (or depreciation) cost of scissor-lifts..


inventAIRy XL is implemented easily and with very few steps. The system is designed to be deployed with no disruption to existing processes.

Hear what our customers have to say

“Really impressed with this drone-based stock control system. Since working with RAWview, we have a fully automated audit of every one of our 16,000 pallet locations every 5 days.

“It used to take one person on a scissor lift 3-4 weeks to complete this task.”

Roland Llewellin

Managing Director, Genpower

“The future of warehousing! What an amazing, well-engineered piece of technology that not only saves time and improves our team’s productivity, but also have a positive impact in regards to health and safety.”

Jonathan Borg

Stock Control & Systems Manager, PD Ports

“Technology is critical to support our rapid human-centred growth throughout Europe.

“I am happy to share our latest advance in inventory management, that works to create and preserve meaningful and progressive jobs.”

Nick Robson

Head of Robotics & Automation, Huboo

Watch inventAIRy XL do its thing

Simple & intuitive reporting


As the drone flies, intelligent software is simultaneously decoding and processing pallet barcode data and high-resolution images into each pallet location, which is then displayed to the user in an intuitive web-based user interface.


Seamless integration with any WMS allows the system to automatically compare its data with that held in the WMS. Any deviations are collated and presented in the user interface to allow easy identification and correction of the anomalies.


As the drone flies, intelligent software is simultaneously decoding and processing pallet barcode data and high-resolution images into each pallet location, which is then displayed to the user in an intuitive web-based user interface.


Seamless integration with any WMS allows the system to automatically compare its data with that held in the WMS. Any deviations are collated and presented in the user interface to allow easy identification and correction of the anomalies.

inventAIRy XL at a glance

inventAIRy XL use cases

Cycle Counts

Relieve your warehouse operatives of this time-consuming, expensive, yet business-critical task.

With a workrate of up to 2000 pallet locations per mission, inventAIRy XL gives you the
capacity to enhance your inventory accuracy and data currency, without any human intervention whatsoever.

Empty Bin Audits

One of the biggest contributors to warehouse efficiency is Putaway Cycle Time. With inaccurate WMS data, your forklift operatives waste valuable time going to pallet spaces that are already occupied.

By design, inventAIRy XL automatically detects and notifies your team of all pallet spaces that are actually available to receive inbound stock.

Putaway Audits

When the velocity of inventory in and out of the warehouse is high, it’s natural that human error can come to the fore – this is especially true of the putaway process.

Through a tight integration with your WMS or ERP, inventAIRy XL knows precisely which rack location each pallet should be in and can alert your team whenever an anomaly is detected.

WMS integration

inventAIRy XL is agnostic when it comes to 2-way data compatibility – as long as your WMS or ERP software can generate and receive a .csv or .xml file, the inventAIRy XL system will be able to function as intended.

You’re just 3 steps from inventory perfection



Confirmation of warehouse suitability and forecast investment payback period



Online demonstration of the solution to validate the use case and quantify the benefits



Deploy the solution at scale; whether that be at one warehouse or throughout your entire estate

Frequently Asked Questions

What are warehouse drones?

Warehouse drones are set to play an important role in facilitating supply chain digitalisation. A combination of advanced robotics and barcode scanning and decoding technology makes it possible to fully automate the traditionally time-consuming, labour-intensive task of cycle counts; thereby resolving some of warehousing and logistics companies’ most complex inventory control challenges.

How could drones enhance the efficiency of warehouse operations?

The inventAIRy XL solution has been developed to improve the fidelity of warehouse inventory data, whilst reducing the time, cost and safety risks associated with manual counting processes.

At its core, the solution is developed to prove or disprove that the real-world situation within a warehouse is aligned with its WMS inventory records. Some examples of the issues inventAIRy XL is proven to resolve:


inventAIRy XL feature Net result to warehouse operation
Accesses high and hard to reach locations Reduced H&S risks and usage of MEWPs
Autonomous flagging of stock discrepancies Ensures physical inventory is always aligned with WMS records
Real-time validation of empty rack locations Improves picking accuracy and efficiency
Real-time detection of put-away errors Improves putaway efficiency
Location-stamped image truthing of stock Simple and fast confirmation of stock discrepancies
Fast & fully autonomous inventory counts Operational and financial resilience against increased cycle count obligations, reduced labour cost, improved overall productivity, higher operating margin
Why are drones an important inventory management tool in warehouses?

Warehouse drones have the potential to completely revolutionise the way that inventory control is conducted in warehouses and distribution centres. The autonomous workflow of warehouse drones ensures that optimum inventory accuracy can be achieved, without any reliance on human intervention. Not only does this protect inventory control processes against precarious labour markets, it also gets the job done more efficiently, more accurately, and without the need for warehouse operatives to work at height.

How many rack locations can inventAIRy XL scan on a single mission?

As long as the barcode labels are of a reasonable quality (ie. not faded or torn), a single inventAIRy XL system can scan in excess of 2000 rack locations in a single mission.

Can inventAIRy XL work at night or during other periods of downtime?

Yes. In fact, this is one of the features that customers find the most useful and is completely unique to the inventAIRy XL solution. The system is designed to work in both lit and unlit environments. As a result, you have the flexibility to schedule missions to take place during warehouse downtime, meaning staff have a completely accurate inventory baseline when the next shift starts.

Will warehouse drones save us money?

We aim to deliver payback periods of less than 12-months, but ultimately this depends on the following factors:

  • The scale of your warehouse operation
  • The human time and cost to meet your current and/or future cycle count obligations/aspirations
  • The extent of financial loss suffered as a result of inaccurate inventory records
Will I need to make changes to our warehouse infrastructure?

Absolutely not! This is one of the elements that makes the inventAIRy XL solution unique.

In contrast to other solutions, inventAIRy XL does NOT require any adaptation to existing warehouse infrastructure, such as strategic placement of navigation markers or creation of WiFi access points, to facilitate the drones’ navigation. Instead, all navigation is carried out by the system’s ground robot, which is pre-programmed with a digital twin of the warehouse (floor area, aisle positions, rack dimensions, bin locations etc). As a result, deployment of the inventAIRy XL solution can be achieved without any modifications to the warehouse’s physical layout whatsoever.

How long does an inventAIRy XL Proof-of-Concept take?

We can prove the value of this solution within just one day, on your own facility, with no disruption to your day-to-day operations. Within 24 hours you’ll be able to see exactly how much value the solution will bring to your operation.

How long does an inventAIRy XL implementation take?

Adding inventAIRy XL to your warehouse operation takes approximately two weeks (depending on warehouse size and complexity), all with minimal disruption to your daily operations. That means you could be enjoying huge savings, more accurate inventory counts and safer warehouses within just a month of getting in touch with us!

Which countries is inventAIRy XL available in?

RAWview currently supply and support the inventAIRy XL solution across Europe, including: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, and Scandinavia.