Solving complex logistics challenges through the implementation of smart warehouse automation

Better process efficiency

Optimised staff productivity

Increased profitability

Intralogistics automation and innovation is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity

Next day delivery and a huge increase in online shopping has placed a greater strain on 3PL providers, who are expected to meet the extra demand while fighting growing red tape and dramatic drops in staffing levels.

Fortunately, those willing to embrace automation technology within their warehouse can give themselves a very real competitive edge. They can provide greater accuracy, enhanced efficiency and a safer working environment – all at a cost that provides a swift ROI.

Intralogistics automation improves warehouse productivity and efficiency

We know that stock takes and inventory counts – while a necessary evil – are incredibly time-consuming. Not only do they require a huge amount of staff hours, but they can often require areas of the warehouse to close to facilitate the count. On top of that, they’re prone to human error.

Our automation solutions help you manage your inventory from start to finish – scanning and documenting pallets on arrival, tracking their location whilst in storage, and capturing auditable records as they leave. Getting a complete view of your inventory has never been easier or more accurate.

Driving innovation –
and business

Prospective and existing clients of 3PL operators are increasingly scrutinising their partners’ commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. The need for better staff welfare, optimal inventory accuracy and transparency, and “greener” working practices are all issues clients take seriously when selecting a suitable logistics partner.

Our solutions provide you with that innovation without the need for expensive in-house R&D projects or other high levels of investment.

Improved staff wellbeing

Our warehouse automation solutions are designed to take humans out of the loop, whether that’s by performing arduous and repetitive inventory control tasks or by transporting heavy pallets around a warehouse. Not only does this remove people from hazardous situations, but it also frees them up to spend their time on more creative jobs – giving you safer, happier staff and a more productive workforce.

One thing we always notice when demonstrating our solutions is the great response from warehouse staff who realise they’ll be able to spend their working days on the tasks they enjoy.

Implement a lean supply chain mentality

A lean supply chain is one which is operating at its best, cutting out unnecessary tasks and therefore, enabling you to service your customers in the most efficient manner possible.

By correctly implementing a lean supply chain mentality, you can boost profit and minimise waste; we and our automation technologies help with your transition to a lean supply chain, removing manual and inefficient tasks and eliminating human error.

Intralogistics Automation Solutions


Fully autonomous inventory control for racked pallet storage


Automatic monitoring of pallet movements as they enter and leave your warehouses


Compact pallet transport for production and intralogistical processes

Five simple steps to warehouse automation


A feasibility study is conducted to make sure the proposed site does, indeed, offer an appropriate use case for the intended solution.


We deliver the robot directly to you. Set it up in your facility and setup the connection for data exchange and remote access.


Creation of a digital twin of the facility. It's this map that the robot uses to facilitate its autonomous navigation, so is a critical step of the implementation process.


Thorough testing is the next step. During this phase, we monitor the system closely to ensure everything is working correctly.


After testing is complete, the final step is to hand over the “keys” to you. Each new installation contains end user training and a comprehensive support package. We're always on hand to support.

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