Fully autonomous, RFID-based inventory control in retail settings.

Enjoy real-time inventory visibility

It’s vital in retail to get real-time inventory visibility so you can see which items are selling well, which ones need restocking and – almost as importantly – which are not selling and simply using up valuable shelf space.

Our innovative retail automation technologies can give you that visibility, providing greater levels of insight in less time than manual stocktaking and clunky spreadsheets.

Why choose our TORY solution?

Real-time physical stock management

Maximise stock accuracy 

Reduce the risk of human error

Improve operating efficency

Monitor your stock levels remotely

Track drops & increases in sales

Boost profit with a lean supply chain mentality

A lean supply chain is a supply chain operating at its very best. For the retail sector that means removing time-consuming manual stocktakes or incorrectly ordering goods that aren’t selling.

Stocktaking automation is a key step towards implementing a lean supply chain model in your retail environment.


Get more accurate stock forecasting

As well as real-time visibility on stock counts, smart inventory technology can also help with accurate forecasting – critical for avoiding excess inventory and stock-outs.

By being able to monitor what products you’re selling, and at what rate, you can ensure you have exactly what your customers want, without using up shelf space on things they don’t.


Automate stock control to reduce human error

Manual operations are always prone to human error, especially in fast-moving retail environments where the state of the inventory is always shifting. 

An automated inventory management system ensures an accurate, real-time view of your stock becomes the norm.

RFID stock control that’s faster and more accurate than ever

TORY RFID recognises and captures 99% of all RFID tagged articles as it drives 10 times faster that of a manual inventory count. TORY navigates completely autonomously and safely, even in dynamic environments. On top of its function as an inventory robot, TORY can be used as shopping assistant.


Reliable quality made in Germany

TORY is equipped with a navigation software specifically developed by our partners at MetraLabs and proven in the real world.

Since 2015, TORY has been in operation in several stores at the fashion company Adler Modemärkte AG. TORY is the world’s first RFID stock control robot in continuous live operation in retail. MetraLabs develops and manufactures their robots in the company to the highest quality guidelines.

Working with industry leaders

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