About RAWview

We are dedicated to revolutionising industrial operations through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service.

Who we are

RAWview is comprised of a team of industry experts, engineers, and visionaries who are passionate about helping our customers push the boundaries of automation technology. With years of experience in robotics, system integration, and industrial automation, our team is committed to delivering superior solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.
Our mission is to empower businesses with innovative solutions that optimise efficiency, productivity, and safety in industrial environments. We strive to deliver state-of-the-art autonomous systems that streamline processes and elevate operational excellence.

What we do


We provide a diverse selection of autonomous systems with advanced features and capabilities to suit various industrial applications.


Our skilled technicians work closely with you to seamlessly integrate our autonomous systems into existing operations, ensuring minimal disruption and swift time-to-value.


We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the continued optimal performance of our solutions, providing you with total peace of mind.

Only the best will do



We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in autonomous systems, constantly innovating and evolving to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Our products are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring long-term durability and performance in demanding industrial environments.

Customer Satisfaction

We go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations, delivering personalised service and support every step of the way.

See what we’re talking about

“We’ve seen huge benefits with the system. Without it, we’d have to revert to manual counts and working at height, which would mean taking our operatives away from productive tasks and putting them back up in scissor-lifts”
Jonathan Borg – Stock Control & Systems Manager at PD Ports

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