summAIRy Gate

Automated scanning and documenting of palletised inventory in and out of your facility.

The complete solution for automated inventory scanning

Manual scanning processes take time and slow down warehouse employees in their actual activities. When you factor in qualititative factors – like the condition of the pallets being scanned – this time delay gets even worse.

With summAIRy gate, this vital part of the logistics process can be fully automated, scanning and documenting all inbound and outbound inventory instantly and automatically, giving your team and customers full transparency of stock without the requirement of limited staff resource, whilst eliminating the risk of human error. The result? A complete, accurate view of your inventory movements with a massive 90% saving in time and costs.

summAIRy gate at a glance

  • Fully automated system for recording and documenting intralogistic material movements
  • No operator required – integrates seamlessly into existing operations
  • Suitable for recording movements of goods through the inbound and/or outbound areas
  • Custom made hardware and software components
  • Data acquisition via cameras and, if necessary, other sensors
  • Retrieval of the results via intuitive user interface
  • Integration with exiting WMS or ERP software

10 easy steps to full automation

  • Installation on site
  • Software setup and customisation
  • Sensors automatically trigger data recording as the pallet passes through
  • Cameras and sensors record every material movement – be it in and/or out of the warehouse
  • Intelligent software components generate relevant information from the image data
  • Calculation of inventory throughput
  • Creation of high-resolution photo documentation from different perspectives
  • Recording of further master data such as dimensions, temperature or volume
  • Provision of all data sets in real time via digital user interface
  • Export to existing IT and warehouse management systems

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3 simple steps to automation



Confirmation of warehouse suitability and forecast investment payback period



On-site deployment of the solution to validate the use case and quantify the benefits



Deploy the solution at scale; whether that be at one warehouse or throughout your entire estate