Robotic pallet mover to transport goods effortlessly, efficiently and safely.

High capabilities in an
extreme compact design

Running a smooth, efficient logistics operation isn’t just about keeping track of your inventory – it’s also about being able to quickly, easily and safely move pallets around your warehouses.

We believe the Ŝharko10 and Ŝharko10 High Lift from Movigo are the perfect solutions.

Swift, safe movement of goods and materials

These robotic pallet mover units are especially designed to support the transport of goods and raw materials in production environments and packing and shipping locations.

Many of the horizontal transport that is executed with manned vehicles can be performed with the Ŝharko10 units. They will maximise the capacity of forklifts and reachtrucks and minimise manned transport by performing many of the horizontal transport from highrise storage areas to distribution or production areas.

Their ultra manoeuvrability make them highly suitable for small and narrow areas and lanes, while the small footprint and height, allows for using different routes when loaded or empty.

And because the vehicles navigate autonomously, no physical changes to its area of operation is required.

Lift characteristics

  • Small dimensions mean maximum manoeuverability
  • 7-8 hours operating on full battery
  • Reaches 95% charged in just 50 minutes
  • Lifts 1,000kg
  • Can transport more than just pallets
  • WiFi connected to the traffic control system MoviĜo Site
  • Can navigate in dynamic environments
  • Easy integration with systems like ERP & WMS
  • Add and remove pick-up and drop-off points easily
  • Each vehicle can perform different tasks
  • Easy maintenance
  • No physical changes to area needed
  • Extensive data collection options

Sharko10 in action