Shaping the future of inventory control

  • Autonomous drone solution for inventory audits
  • Up to 7500 pallet locations checked per day
  • Unprecedented 5-hour run-time
  • Effortless & agnostic integration with any WMS
  • Reduces Health & Safety risks
  • Sub 12-month return on investment

An inventory drone solution, done the right way

Camera Array

Used to measure and maintain the system's position within the aisles and to capture barcodes of pallets at the ground level


Laser Scanner Module

LiDAR sensor for generating a 2D map and managing the AMR's autonomous navigation and localisation within the map


Spotlight & Barcode Scanners

LED for operation in the dark and 3 barcode scanners for reliable barcode detection


Power Tether

The drone's source of power and what facilitates inventAIRy XL's unprecedented flight endurance


20MP Camera

High-resolution photos are taken at every visited pallet location


Autonomous Mobile Robot

Ensures reliable autonomous navigation and collision avoidance throughout the warehouse


Identify WMS discrepancies at the click of a button

inventAIRy XL Dashboard
  • Pin-point WMS accuracy
  • Automated stock comparison against WMS records
  • Decode any aisle-facing pallet barcode label
  • Reliable data localisation - without location barcodes
  • Lightning fast stocktake efficiency
  • Pre-scheduled or on-demand missions

A solution for every use case

empty bin audits
put-away audits
space utilisation
s s
deviation reports

Empty bin audits

One of the biggest contributors to warehouse efficiency is Putaway Cycle Time. With inaccurate WMS data, your forklift operatives waste valuable time going to pallet locations that are already occupied.

By design, inventAIRy XL automatically detects and notifies your team of all pallet spaces that are available to receive inbound stock.

Put-away audits

When the velocity of inventory in and out of the warehouse is high, it’s natural that human error can creep in – this is especially true of the putaway process.

Through advanced computer vision and machine learning technology, inventAIRy XL is able to capture, decode, and localise palletised inventory data with >95% accuracy – even with sub-optimal barcode quality.

Space utilisation

Efficient use of space allows for the storage of more goods within the same square footage. It minimises unnecessary walking or transportation within the warehouse, reducing the time and effort required to locate and access products.

With the more regular audits facilitated by inventAIRy XL, site management teams are able to keep tabs on the utilisatiuon of their space, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability of the warehouse operation. 

Deviation Reports

Thanks to a carefully thought out API, inventAIRy XL is able to communicate with virtually any WMS or ERP system. This integration facilitates automated stock file uploads from your system to ours, which inventAIRy XL then uses to look for deviations.

Put another way, inventAIRy XL knows precisely which rack location each pallet should be in and can alert your team whenever any anomaly is detected.

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Still on the fence? Hear what our customers are saying

Really impressed with this drone-based stock control system. Since working with RAWview, we have a fully automated audit of every one of our 16,000 pallet locations every 5 days.

It used to take one person on a scissor lift 3-4 weeks to complete this task.

Roland Llewellin

Managing Director

The future of warehousing! What an amazing, well-engineered piece of technology that not only saves time and improves our team’s productivity, but also has a positive impact in regards to health and safety.

Jonathan Borg

Stock Control & Systems Manager

Technology is critical to support our rapid human-centred growth throughout Europe.

I am happy to share our latest advance in inventory management, that works to create and preserve meaningful and progressive jobs.

Nick Robson

Head of Robotics & Automation

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