Better process efficiency

Optimised staff productivity

Increased profitability

Revolutionise your perimeter patrols with an autonomous security drone

Fully automated perimeter patrols allow you to run complex, automated workflows to keep your logistics operation as secure as possible.

By replacing human-based patrols with a drone system, you can enjoy faster, more accurate, safer and more efficient patrols than ever before.

Increased estate visibility

Blind-spots and inaccessible terrain will become a thing of the past. Drones are able to reach the parts of your estate that human patrols can’t, giving you the peace of mind that everything is being accurately and safely patrolled.

Respond faster – and increase ROI

Drones reduce operational costs in the long run and reduce manual workload. They also help in reducing risk & improving the efficiency of security personnel.

Increased RoI
Drones can be remotely dispatched on command to a specified GPS coordinate to assess a situation preemptively and relay critical info in real time.

Five simple steps to integrating autonomous security drones


Our customers prepare the place for the charging station, if necessary, a socket with continuous current. And of course, the burglar alarm system must be informed about the work of the robot.


We deliver the robot directly to you. Set it up, plug in the charging station and set up the connection for data exchange and remote access.


On a first run, the robot learns about its surroundings and the entire shop floor so that it can later move autonomously. We are here and can intervene in case of any errors.


Then we accompany the first test drive and check whether everything works correctly.


After a successful performance of the test, we will hand over the “keys” to the robot to you. Each new installation contains additional support hours for possible problems and an emergency hotline for the first 3 months.

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