agricultural drone soil analysis

Pre-Planting Field Analysis

From scouting for weeds to assessing drainage tiles, RAWview’s agricultural drone solutions provide growers and agronomists with the ability to assess field conditions prior to planting, ensuring the best possible start for the new crop.

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agricultural drone field analysis

Plant Population

There’s nothing worse than your crops not emerging as you expect. Our Ag solutions allow growers to accurately validate the problem across the entire field to allow data-driven, corrective decisions to be made.

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agricultural drone crop analysis and mapping

Crop Analysis & Variable Rate Prescription

Our expertise within Ag drone solutions allow growers and agronomists to analyse crops at key points in the growing cycle, then integrate the data into precision farming tools to generate accurate variable rate prescription maps for nitrogen and pesticide applications.

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agricultural drone storm damage assessment

Storm Damage Assessment

A major weather event, or particularly wet year can decimate a crop and leave growers with considerable losses to bear. Our drone solutions are designed to help growers quantify the damage quickly so that action can be taken to mitigate the loss.ggggggggggg

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RAWview – Agricultural Drone Experts

RAWview is a specialist in agricultural drone technology adoption and has established a dedicated drone integration support service. We work to provide a 360-degree solution encompassing feasibility, hardware & software procurement, fleet maintenance, insurance, pilot training and financing.

Our agricultural drone solutions listed above are just a few examples of how drone technology can be used in the agricultural sector. We’re always willing to work with farmers to provide adapted solutions that fulfil your requirements.

Agricultural Drone Applications

Some of the most common applications for drones in agriculture can be seen below:

  • Land for insurance claims
  • Plant Counts
  • Erosion
  • Soil moisture levels
  • Canopy height and cover
  • Crop colour and density
  • Damage, weeds, disease and pests
  • The impact of pesticides
  • Growth and fruiting stages
  • New development potential

Benefits of Agricultural Drone Solutions

  • Drones can analyse and traverse fields with close up monitoring of moisture, plant health, stress level, crop density, contour problems and plant height. An expert eye wouldn’t be able to process all this information at the same scale.
  • Infra-red analysis of soil to identify soil moisture, disease and pests up to 10 days before it becomes visible to the eye. This in turn can prevent massive crop loss and protect a farmer’s projected earnings for that season.
  • Drone planting systems are currently being developed that could reduce the planting costs by up to 85%. Higher valued crops are planted more effectively with more precision.

Let's talk about a bespoke drone system for your needs.