News agencies all over the world are taking notice of how drone technology is able to visualise a story for their viewers. Before drones, the only option to obtain aerial imagery was to send a crew up in a helicopter. RAWview’s drone solutions provide news agencies with the perfect alternative.



Film and TV production companies have been jumping at the opportunity to create high quality and dramatic aerial video footage without the necessity of helicopters, zip-wires, cranes and other makeshift equipment. The use of drones has transformed film and TV production, RAWview’s drone solutions provide a valuable tool to create action shots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.



Unless there happened to be a fortunately placed building or structure, it was only ever possible for photographers to get aerial shots by erecting scaffolding, hiring a cherry-picker, or climbing aboard an aircraft – hardly a viable set of solutions for a freelance photographer. With RAWviews’ solutions, photographers of all types and scale can make use of cutting-edge, affordable drone technology to achieve perfect aerial photography.


RAWview – Media & Film Production Drone Experts

RAWview is a specialist in construction drone technology adoption and has established a dedicated drone integration support service. We work to provide a 360-degree solution encompassing feasibility, hardware & software procurement, fleet maintenance, insurance, pilot training and financing.

Our construction drone solutions listed above are just a few examples of how drone technology can be used in the construction & infrastructure sector. We’re always willing to work with you to provide adapted solutions that fulfil your requirements.

Media & Film Production Drone Applications

Some of the most common applications for drones in Media & Film Production can be seen below:

  • Location scouting
  • Unique perspectives and angles
  • News coverage during disasters & providing insight in real time to the status of an area with limited risk
  • Crowd shots

Benefits of Media & Film Production Drone Solutions

  • Improved safety
  • Avoid hazards
  • Area mapping data

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