Fire Scene Inspection

Accurate information is a necessity to fire fighting crews to make informed decisions when attending the scene of a fire. Within minutes of arrival, our drone solutions provide real-time aerial footage to crews on the ground.


Police Incident Investigation

Traditional methods used to inspect an accident or crime scene are time-consuming and labour-intensive. Our drone solutions reduce the officers and time required at the scene, whilst ensuring accurate data is obtained.


Missing Person Search

Missing person searches often involve vast and difficult to reach areas. Challenging terrain makes it dangerous for responders to reach the search area. With our drone solutions, searches can be deployed quickly, effectively, and safely.


RAWview – Emergency Services Drone Experts

RAWview is a specialist in Emergency Services drone technology adoption and has established a dedicated drone integration support service. We work to provide a 360-degree solution encompassing feasibility, hardware & software procurement, fleet maintenance, insurance, pilot training and financing.

Our Emergency services drone solutions listed above are just a few examples of how drone technology can be used to aid Emergency Services. We’re always willing to provide adapted and bespoke solutions that fulfil your requirements.

Emergency Service Drone Applications

Some of the most common applications for drones alongside emergency services can be seen below:

  • Save costs compared to manned helicopters
  • Zone and infrastructure assessment
  • Reconnaissance mapping of risky areas
  • Mapping
  • Logistics and operational support

Benefits of Emergency Service Drone Solutions

  • Drones are smaller, agile and better equipped for use by emergency services. Drones can replace more traditional (and costly) surveillance operations equipment such as helicopters at a fraction of the price, but also safer as they can be controlled from a safe distance.
  • Commercial drones can be sent into situations which are dangerous or difficult to access in person – such as terrain that is inaccessible. This means that the emergency services can get a clear picture of what’s happening, and be prepared before going in, in person.

Let's talk about a bespoke drone system for your needs.