Job Site Surveys

Rather than the use of human resources, heavy machinery and expensive surveying equipment, the right drone system will get the job done quicker, more cost-effectively and without putting human life at risk.

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Client Progress Update

When clients cannot afford the time to make regular visits to site, drones are the perfect tool to present visual progress updates. They also provide a visual standpoint that wouldn’t be seen from the ground.

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Job Site Monitoring

The importance of monitoring staff, contractors and materials is critical on any job site. This is not easy when your Project Manager is moving between sites. A RAWview drone system will ensure that your Project Manager is able to assess site activity, without actually having to be present.

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Infrastructure Inspection

Routine inspection of infrastructure facilities such as railways and bridges to ensure their continued safety and operation is a huge, and potentially dangerous undertaking. Adoption of a RAWview drone system will simplify this work by providing the data to allow experts to quickly and accurately assess repair & maintenance requirements.

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RAWview – Construction Drone Experts

RAWview is a specialist in construction drone technology adoption and has established a dedicated drone integration support service. We work to provide a 360-degree solution encompassing feasibility, hardware & software procurement, fleet maintenance, insurance, pilot training and financing.

Our construction drone solutions listed above are just a few examples of how drone technology can be used in the construction & infrastructure sector. We’re always willing to work with site construction managers to provide adapted solutions that fulfil your requirements.

Construction Drone Applications

Some of the most common applications for drones in construction can be seen below:

  • Project planning. Before and during a project, plans will inevitably change. The use of a drone can help ensure accuracy and efficiency helping your project stay within budget.
  • Showing Clients site progression. If for whatever reason your client can’t be present at a construction site, a drone presents an inventive and modern way to show clients and stakeholders the progression on their construction project when still photos aren’t doing it justice.
  • Monitoring job sites. If you’re feeling stretched and running out of time in your day, a drone can save you time, energy and money when you’re required to monitor multiple properties or construction projects.
  • Inspecting structures. It’s recommended that commercial building projects are inspected for wear and tear, regularly. Instead of using heavy software, which takes time, a drone can provide complex readings and an immediate view of the information you need.
  • Better safety records. With eyes in the sky, you’ll be able to provide an excellent safety system that can spot otherwise unseen dangers before they can become a risk.

Benefits of Construction Drone Solutions

In the construction industry, drones help to provide an aerial view and easy access to large or difficult construction sites as well as complex or tall building structures. They can gather aerial data, mapping information and detailed, high-definition images to share for:

  • Land Surveys
  • Building Inspections
  • Providing visual material for clients & staff
  • Monitoring on-site activities
  • Security surveillance
  • Mapping data

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