Three-step Approach to Drone Technology On-boarding

Committing to an in-house drone programme is a significant investment for all businesses; there’s a lot to consider, it’s not just the drone specification or data interpretation, there are environmental factors, human resource considerations as well as legislative obligations.

Putting a drone solution together takes expertise, time and resource. This is where RAWview can help – as experts in drone adoption, we can save your business time and money and help advise and implement the right technology for your application.

Here at RAWview we have a three-step approach to helping you implement your in-house drone programme.


Step 1: Free Telephone Consultation

Understanding your problem is the first step towards implementing an in-house drone solution.

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Step 2: Project Feasibility and Planning

RAWview will carry out a feasibility study demonstrating the right technology and interpretation for your target application.

Within the feasibility study RAWview will:

  • Define programme concept
  • Propose suitable hardware and software solution(s) for the intended operation(s)
  • On-site demonstration of the proposed solution(s) within the client’s intended application where appropriate
  • Support with identifying and educating the team who will be responsible for the on-going delivery of the drone programme
  • Provide you with an introduction to the current laws surrounding UK commercial drone use and highlight any areas that could impact your intended operation
  • Provide a cost analysis for the installation and ongoing application of the drone solution


Step 3: Supply & Installation

Once you and your team are happy with the output of the feasibility study, RAWview will manage the complete installation of your drone programme, from supply of the agreed hardware and software subscriptions through to pilot training, hardware maintenance, and software licence renewal.


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