Drone Training for Surveyors

With brand new changes to UK drone laws, the barriers to enterprise drone adoption have never been lower.

RAWview is pleased to offer a new bespoke drone training product that is created specifically for Surveyors.

Not only do our courses provide you with recognised drone pilot certification, they’re also designed to develop your practical flying skills to fully leverage the benefits that drones bring to surveying applications.

The Training

Our courses are designed specifically for surveying professionals who wish to utilise drone technology in their business. The course delivers the following elements:

  • Instructor-led theory training delivered via “virtual classroom”
  • All requisite assessments, in line with the respective certification criteria (A2 Certificate of Competency and/or General Visual Line of Sight Certificate)
  • One day of on-site instructor-led drone surveying tuition. Training focuses on data acquisition best practice, ground control methodology, data processing and interpretation
  • Expert advice on drone regulation nuances

Certification Options

The type of certification you’ll need depends on the weight of your drone(s) and the risks associated with your intended operations. The two levels of certification are as follows:

A2 Certificate of Competency:- If you’re going to be using a drone that weighs less than 2kg, for example a DJI Phantom 4 RTK, and your work will never require you to fly within 50 metres of uninvolved people, the A2 C of C is the only certification you’ll need.

General Visual Line of Sight Certificate:- If any operation requires the use of a drone that weighs more than 2kg, for example a DJI Matrice 200 V2 Series, and requires you to fly within 150 metres of a built up area, you’ll be operating in what’s known as the ‘Specific Category’ and will require an Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The General Visual Line of Sight Certificate is the prerequisite of an Operational Authorisation. The same is also required for sub 2kg drone operations that require operating privileges over and above those granted by the A2 C of C (eg. Extended Visual Line of Sight operations).

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