Drone training for enterprises

All of our courses are provided on a company-by-company basis and are delivered via a combination of instructor-led “virtual classroom” sessions and on-site instructor visits to your premises.

This format provides your staff with the best possible learning experience, whilst minimising their time away from productive work. It also negates the usual travel and accommodation expenses associated with staff training. Furthermore, we tailor our courses around your company’s specific use case(s) and the training needs of your staff.

CAA-approved commercial drone pilot training

Whether your drone operation calls for the A2 Certificate of Competency or the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate, we have a proven track record of getting new adopters of commercial drone technology quickly and efficiently qualified to operate safely, professionally and working in accordance with the current UK drone regulations.

Our instructors have years of hands-on field experience. Combine that with our relaxed yet professional approach, you can be assured of an industry-leading training experience that not only meets the regulatory framework, but that makes your learning enjoyable and informative throughout.

Scenario-based flight skills training

Successful completion of an A2 C o f C or GVC course does not necessarily mean that your staff are going to maximise the potential your drone operation has to offer. That’s why we’ve developed a training service that focuses exclusively on teaching your staff how to operate your equipment and any associated software in the real-world scenarios that your use case will present.

Our training providers have years of practical experience using drones across a vast array of industries and use cases. This means that we can fast-track your team’s learnings by removing the “trial and error” factor from their work. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that your staff are operating as efficiently as possible from their very first flight.

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