inventAIRy XL

The complete solution for automated inventory management

inventAIRy XL

The complete solution for automated inventory management

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inventAIRy XL

Comprising a drone with sensors for barcode scanning, a ground robot for autonomous navigation, and intelligent software to make the data usable, inventAIRy XL enables precise localisation and fully automated recording of all pallet locations within a racked warehouse facility.

The unique combination with the ground vehicle means that inventAIRy XL overcomes the three biggest limitations of autonomous drone use in a warehouse environment: flight endurance, flight safety, and zero access to GPS.

Why consider the inventAIRy® XL warehouse drone solution?


With a work rate in excess of 400 locations per hour; that’s more than 2000 locations per mission, inventAIRy XL is able to conduct cycle counts considerably faster than even the slickest of manual operations.


An indoor drone solution, designed to take humans out of the loop, inventAIRy XL completely eliminates Health & Safety risks, such as working at height and in close proximity to machinery.


Not only does inventAIRy XL remove the labour cost of inventory counts, it reduces the usage and subsequently the hire (or depreciation) of MEWPs, whilst also dramatically improving inventory accuracy.


inventAIRy XL can be implemented easily and with very few steps. The system is designed to be deployed with virtually no disruption to existing processes, nor does it require modifications to warehouse infrastructure.

System overview

inventAIRy XL in action

Ready to take control of your inventory?

Ready to take control of your inventory?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fundamental issues that inventAIRy XL is designed to resolve?

The solution has been developed to improve the fidelity of warehouse inventory data, whilst reducing the time, cost and safety risks associated with manual counting processes.

At its core, the solution is developed to prove or disprove that the real-world situation within a warehouse is aligned with its WMS inventory records. Some examples of the issues inventAIRy XL is proven to resolve:


inventAIRy XL feature Net result to warehouse operation
Accesses high and hard to reach locations Reduced H&S risks and usage of MEWPs
Real-time validation of inventory levels Reduced rates of inventory shrinkage
Real-time validation of empty rack locations Improved put-away efficiency and productivity
Real-time detection of put-away errors Improved picking accuracy and productivity
Photographic evidence of inventory counts Thorough and transparent audit trails
Fast & fully autonomous inventory counts Operational and financial resilience against increased cycle count obligations, reduced labour cost, improved overall productivity, higher operating margin
What is the maximum operating time of inventAIRy XL?

The inventAIRy XL solution can work continuously for 5 hours before recharging is required.

What happens if the unit has to return for recharging before a mission is complete?

Before navigating back to the charging station, the system pauses the mission and records the current rack location. Once recharging is complete, the ground robot simply navigates back to the rack location and the mission is resumed.

How many rack locations can inventAIRy XL scan on a single mission?

As long as the barcode labels are of a reasonable quality (ie. not faded or torn), a single inventAIRy XL system can scan in excess of 2000 rack locations in a single mission.

Can inventAIRy XL work at night or during other periods of downtime?

Yes. In fact, this is one of the features that customers find the most useful and is completely unique to the inventAIRy XL solution. The system is designed to work in both lit and unlit environments. As a result, you have the flexibility to schedule missions to take place during warehouse downtime, meaning staff have a completely accurate inventory baseline when the next shift starts.

Will I need to make big changes to my existing warehouse infrastructure?

Absolutely not! This is one of the elements that makes the inventAIRy XL solution unique.

In contrast to other solutions, inventAIRy XL does NOT require any adaptation to existing warehouse infrastructure, such as strategic placement of ArUco markers or creation of WiFi access points, to facilitate the drones’ navigation. Instead, all navigation is carried out by the system’s ground robot, which is pre-programmed with a digital twin of the warehouse (floor area, aisle positions, rack dimensions, bin locations etc). As a result, deployment of the inventAIRy XL solution can be achieved without any modifications to the warehouse’s physical layout whatsoever.

Can inventAIRy XL work in VNAs?

Yes. inventAIRy XL is designed to work in both wide aisle and VNA layouts.

Can the solution detect empty bins?

Yes. The role of inventAIRy XL is essentially to prove or disprove that the real-world situation matches with information logged in the WMS – this includes validation of empty bins.

Can multiple inventAIRy XL systems work in parallel?
Yes. The platform is designed so that multiple inventAIRy XL units can work in parallel. The number of units required will be determined by the number of locations to be scanned, the frequency at which they must be scanned, and the time available for drone scans to be carried out.
How reliable is the system's barcode recognition?

Unlike other solutions on the market, that rely on the drone’s standard on-board camera, the inventAIRy XL drone is outfitted with sensor technology designed specifically for barcode recognition. Consequently, inventAIRy XL has been proved to produce data accuracy in excess of 99%.

Can the system work in 'cold' storage areas of the warehouse?

No. The solution is designed to work in ambient temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.

Can the solution count pallets that are stored 2 or 3-deep on racks?

No. The system can only count what the drone can physically see from the aisle, so is designed for customers who store pallets 1-deep on racks, with barcodes that face the aisle.

Will the solution actually save us money?

This really depends on the following factors:

  • The scale of your warehouse operation
  • The human time and cost to meet your current and/or future cycle count obligations/aspirations
  • The extent of financial loss suffered as a result of inaccurate inventory records

To calculate the potential savings from an inventAIRy XL deployment at your facility, we suggest using our cost saving calculator.

I want to explore the possibility of implementing inventAIRy XL. What next?

Get in touch with us at or call us on 0203 488 4071 and we’ll support you throughout the implementation and beyond.