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A completely unique dual-function GNSS base station and powerful drone image data processing unit, providing an intuitive PPK workflow and high accuracy, on-site photogrammetric processing of drone imagery, all without an internet connection. Ideally suited to construction, civil engineering, aggregates and waste management customers who require fast time-to-data and who work at sites with limited internet connectivity.

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The built-in NVIDIA TX2 Mobile GPU has the highest performance on the market. Maps and point clouds process locally within 30 minutes. Cutting edge AI inference is enabled in real-time.


The integrated multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver supports signals from GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo. Experience reliably fast centimetre-level accuracy globally – even in the most remote locations.


Import checkpoint data to Edge1 and it automatically detects the file and uses it to calculate and report error/deviation values in the processed data. At the click of a button in the Edge1 app, users can trigger automatic adjustment of the point cloud’s elevations to the calculated offset value.

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Waste Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PPK workflow when using Edge1?

Edge1 automatically extracts the drone’s images and GNSS observation file from the drone’s SD card and corrects the positioning data of the imagery using the base station’s observation data.

Does the Edge1 require an internet connection?

When using the Edge1 in a PPK workflow and placing it on a surveyed ground control point, no internet connection is required at any stage.

If a ground control point is not available, you will need temporary access to an RTK correction signal (via NTRIP service), so that the Edge1 can record its position. Once the Edge1 has recorded its position, the unit no longer requires an internet connection.

All processing is carried out on the unit’s internal GPU, so no internet connection is required for uploading images or processing.

How do I process images on the Edge1?

All processing settings for Edge1’s edge computer are made in the Edge1 mobile app for iOS devices.

How long does it take to process datasets on the Edge1?

Approximate processing times using the Edge1’s on-board NVIDIA TX2 mobile GPU:

Number of images Estimated time-to-data
500 15 minutes
1000 30 minutes
2000 80 minutes
4000 140 minutes
How does the Edge1 hardware and Data Hub software work together?

The 2 systems work hand in glove. Either of the following scenarios are available to customers:

  1. Use Edge1 to provide GNSS corrections to drone imagery collected with Phantom 4 RTK, then process the subsequent imagery on the cloud with Skycatch Data Hub
  2. Use Edge1 to provide GNSS corrections to drone imagery collected with Phantom 4 RTK and to process the subsequent imagery locally on its in-built edge computer. Processed datasets (orthos, point clouds and 3D meshes) can then be uploaded to your Data Hub account for more in-depth analysis and easier collaboration

Whether you choose to process exclusively on Edge1, exclusively on the cloud, or a combination of the two, will ultimately depend on the speed at which site data must be available and the detail of the analysis that must be made to the processed datasets.

Should I still be using Ground Control Points when using Edge1?

Unlike an RTK workflow, the Edge1 does not rely on a stable connection between drone and base station. For this reason, there is no requirement for redundancy in the form of GCPs. We would, however, recommend laying a few checkpoints to facilitate robust ground-truthing of processed datasets.

You can read more about GCPs, RTK and PPK in this article.

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